May 14 Statement

Friends of Broderick Park Statement on the White Supremacist Murders in Buffalo, NY on Saturday, May 14 2022

We can not even begin to express the amount of grief and pain all of us are feeling right now. We are a small community and all of us are probably close to someone directly impacted by this violent murderous act. We give our hearts and our prayers to all of the victims and their families at this time. We are all in mourning but are also actively helping folks in need like we always do.

We are a multiracial and multi sector group and we must stand united to fight the systemic issues that led to this act and we must be very direct in calling out exactly what this is. This was white supremacist violence directly targeting Black people in our community. This was not an isolated incident but stemmed from a person who was radicalized by a network of white supremacist hate groups that exists throughout every community including WNY.

We acknowledge that the United States was a country founded on principles of white supremacy and the wealth of our economy was created from stolen labor on the backs of enslaved African people and on land that was stolen from Indigenous peoples through genocidal wars. Our park is a beacon and memorial to the long struggle and resistance that Black people have faced and are still facing in this country to be free. Since we know our country’s history we can see the through line from slavery to Jim Crow to mass incarceration, racist housing practices, unequal wealth distribution and many other oppressions that still exist to this day.

Now we must come together to heal as a community but in the long term we must continue to organize, utilize our park’s historic place to tell true histories, honor the legacy of the heroes who crossed to freedom from the sacred grounds, and continue the struggle for collective liberation in their name and in the name of the May 14 victims. We must do all that we can as an organization and community to dismantle systemic racism and its horrific impact on our communities.

We will be sharing resources for mental health and mutual aid or events in solidarity as they become available.

Our hearts are with our community, the families of the slain, and the survivors. Read the FOBP May 14 statement.